The Center for Information and Communication Systems and Networks, eLearning and
    Distance Learning (previously called Computing Center) was created in September 1987 as
    a technical service common to all departments of the university of BLIDA 1 and was installed
    in Pavilion 23. In 1990, the centre was moved to Pavilion 18.


    In its first phase, the center ensured:

    Technological and methodological support for student and academics.
    Assistance with the development of some applications.
    Leading tutorial classes for more than 2000 students in programming, applications,
    mini-projects, and graduation projects.
    Assistance of teachers and engineers in their projects.
    Advice, control and initiation on both hardware and software aspects.

    The centre had the following computer equipment:

    VAX 11/730 «02 Mb memory size».
    DHU 11 communication interface.
    Multi-function DMF32 communication interface.
    02 removable disc drives of 205 Mb type RA60 P.
    02 fixed disk drives of 121 Mb type RA80.
    01 magnetic tape reel 1600/625 bpi.
    01 LA210 220 cps matrix printer.
    01 Marguerite LQP03 printer.
    15 monochrome screens type VT220.
    02 Microcomputers HP150.
    UNISYS 300 PC/AT accompanied by a complete software library.

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