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    Access and registration conditions


    The student will be guided according to his or her language level following a placement test.

    The student chooses the time and day that suits him/her according to the timetable made available to him/her.

    The student must pay the following registration fee:

    3000.00 DA/Years for university students.

    4000.00 DA/Years for teachers and university officials.

    5000.00 DA/Years for extra-university students.



    The different levels of learning a language


    All the languages taught are divided into 8 levels, but the availability of classes varies greatly according to the demand of the learners:

    Level 1: Beginner

    You can speak and understand the language in a very limited or non-existent way.

    Level 2: Elementary

    You can understand the language in basic everyday situations if your interlocutor speaks softly and clearly. You understand and use simple expressions. Improve your listening skills and vocabulary.

    Level 3: Pre-Intermediate

    You can communicate and make yourself understood with simple messages in some everyday contexts. Develop your grammar, vocabulary and oral skills.

    Level 4: Intermediate

    You can speak the language in an understandable, consistent and confident way on everyday topics that are familiar to you. Improve your grammar skills and expand your vocabulary.

    Level 5: Upper Intermediate

    You can use the language effectively and express yourself accurately. Develop your oral fluency by discussing, debating and expressing your opinion in more depth. Refine your grammar use and vocabulary.

    Level 6: Advanced

    You can speak the language in a more complex, spontaneous way and on a variety of subjects. Expand your vocabulary and refine the style used to achieve greater fluency.


    Note: A placement test is required for learners wishing to enrol in English or French classes.



    Speaking Workshops


    In order to satisfy the professional and communicative needs of our learners, the oral workshops are 2H/week classes available in the following languages:

    • French - English - German -

    Which aim to:

    • Make the learner speak in interaction.
    • Practice Language role-playing and immersion.
    • Sensitize the learner to listening skills and listening comprehension.
    • Discuss and carry out thematic conversations with the aim of broadening the learner's comprehension and oral production skills.

    Type of training

    • For all learners, these are services designed to develop the following skills:
    • Fluency in conversation in different academic and familiar contexts.
    • Proficiency in understanding texts in different language registers.
    • Proficiency in the grammatical rules of the language.
    • Mastery of writing and its different types.
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