Historical background of the Institute of Architecture

    1981: the opening of the Architecture Department at the Campus of Blida University.

    1985: the establishment of the University Card that gave birth to the National Institute of Higher Education in Architecture of Blida (NIHEAB).

    1988: the opening of a department within NIHEAB named “Higher Technicians Department in Architecture”.

    1989: the opening of another department named “Department of Civil Engineering”. It receives students admitted in 3rd year after the common core of technology (C.C.T).

    September 2013: the department of architecture has became the Institute for Architecture and Urbanism after the restructuring of Blida University (art 02 of the executive decree N° 13-163 of 04th of Jumada Ethani 1434; corresponding to 15th of April 2013).

    Nowadays, the institute is composed of 03 departments:

    •          Architecture
    •          Urbanism
    •          Patrimony

    The institute also represents a research center within a Doctoral School  that was created in 2015. Its main theme is: Architecture and Built Heritage and Environment.

    The objectives of the institute:

    It involves training architects according to workstations that the country is in need of:

    •       Operational, efficient, with the ability to adapt.
    •       Taking into account national socio-economic and cultural realities.
    •        Prepare for the assimilation of scientific progress to strengthen basic training and stimulate the spirit of research.
    •       Realizing the role of the architecture and his/her methods and actions.


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