Team 01:

    • Name of team 01: vulnerability of historical buildings against naturals menaces (earthquake- landslide and flood).
    • Head of team 01: ABDESSEMED- Foufa Amina.
    • Permanent members of team 01:

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    Mrs. ABDESSEMED-FOUFA Amina PhD Associate professor A


    U. Blida 01 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    BENHAMOUCHE Mustapha

    PhD Associate professor A Engineering U. Blida 01 madinarch@gmail,com
    Mr. BOUKADER Mohamed


    Assistant professor


    Engineering U. Blida 01 boukadermohamed@yahoo,fr

    BOUSTIL Feriel


    Assistant professor


    Engineering U. Blida 01 bfferiel2012@gmail,com
    Mr. KOUICI Lakhdar


    Assistant professor


    Engineering U. Blida 01


    Ms. KERMICHE Sarah Masters Doc Engineering U. Blida 01 sarah_kermiche@hotmail,com

    • Description of the research thematic of team 01:

    The aim of this study is to describe and recognize an environmental phenomenon that had considerable consequences on the architectural, urban and landscape plan; namely capillary rise. The degradation of built and landscape patrimony in the city of El-Oued facing the rise of groundwater whose consequences are considerable today on the image of the degradation of urban space along with the visible damages to traditional buildings; and capillary rise on historical buildings of the Casbah of Algiers whose consequences are also devastating; are jeopardizing a heritage that dates back to several centuries ago. This research will be based on the assessment of the vulnerability of capillaries or groundwater in Algiers and El-Oued, and compare the results in terms of damage and preventive measures that need to be applied for a lasting protection of not only buildings but also the urban landscape: the assessment of vulnerability to natural hazards (earthquake, floods and landslides). Protection of built and landscape heritage by developing protection and preservation methods appropriate to each risk. Development of manual conservation and repair methods relevant to the risks involved.


    Architectural heritage – urban heritage – landscape heritage – ghouts- environment - rise of water levels – groundwater sources – flood- Sahara – Casbah of Algiers



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